Executive Suite – Soundproof & Modular / 8 Person Conference Pod

Exterior Size: 87″ (H) 87″ (W) 97″ (D)
Interior Size: 80″ (H) 80″ (W) 93″ (D)
Weight: 2,910 lbs.


Offices still need meeting rooms, but it wouldn’t private or modular. Also, open offices might not have the room or be able to shut down the office in order to build a permanent meeting room. The Executive Suite is an eight person meeting booth to hold private conferences, meetings or brainstorming sessions. It can come fully furnished, empty so you can furnish yourself, or with a TV.

Executive Suite Description

We cut no corners when designing our office pods. We use the highest quality materials like steel, tempered glass and a real latching and locking door.

We use insulation foam inside all the steel panels/walls, and dense interior acoustic paneling on the entire interior, including the floor and ceiling. Our office pods also have real latching and locking doors with air tight rubber seals to ensure sound doesn’t freely flow through.

Our office pods are “plug and play.” Once plugged into a standard wall outlet, the pods are powered with 2 outlets, 2 USB ports, an Ethernet port and a speed adjustable fans.

We offer turnkey delivery and installation to the continental United States.

• Full Three Year Warranty
• Steel Frame (1.2mm)
• Insulation Foam Inside Walls (60mm)
• Steel Tube Roof and Base (25x25mm) with Electrolytic Plate (8mm)
• Tempered Glass (10mm)
• High Density Acoustic Paneling Covering All Interior Surfaces (9mm, Dark Gray)
• Latching Door with Air Tight Rubber Seal
• 8 Quiet Ventilation Fans Activated by Switch
• 2 Fabric Lounges (Gray)
• 1 Table (not pictured)
• 2 Square LED Lights
• 2 Electrical Outlets
• 2 USB Ports
• 1 Ethernet Port
• 1 Handle, 1 Lock, 2 Keys
• Adjustable Feet for Leveling
• 1 Input Plug to Power Entire Executive Suite

• Mounted television
• Different furniture layouts

• Any RAL color. May effect delivery time

Step Inside the Executive Suite

Optional Layout: 5 seats, table and television.