Frequently Asked Questions

These are our most popular questions. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Why are your pods more expensive than others?

The short answer is quality of materials, shipping method and installation. Do your research before buying the cheapest pod. You get what you pay for.

Us: Our pods are made of steel, glass and real latching doors with rubber seals. They are freight shipped and delivered in prefabricated panels that bolt together. Our network of installers build the pods in 1-3 hours depending on the model.

Them: Other companies may use plastic, wood, plexiglas and magnetic doors. They also use flat box shipping, which reduces their cost, but reveals their quality. Flat box shipping means the pods are made of thin and light material. Be cautious of an office pod that you build yourself with an Allen wrench.

What materials are used for soundproofing?

First we use steel for the walls. The denser the material, the more it bounces off sound. To make the walls more effective, we fill them with acoustic foam. Then we add another layer of acoustic paneling on the interior of the pod. Our pods also have real latching and locking doors with air tight rubber seals to ensure sound doesn't freely flow through.


How are your pods shipped and installed?

All you have to do is pick where you want it, and we do the rest. Our pods are freight shipped in prefabricated panels to an installer in our network. Then the installer will deliver the panels to your office where it's built onsite. The panels fit through any standard doorway or elevator.


Do your pods have a ventilation system?

Yes, all of our pods have quiet circulation fans activated by a switch. Our Phone Booth has 2 dual fans, our Meeting Pod has 4 dual fans, and our Executive Suite has 8 dual fans.

How do the pods get power?

Our pods are "plug and play." All you have to do is plug it into a standard 3-prong wall outlet.


What electricals are inside the pods?

Our pods include 2 standard outlets, 2 USB ports, and 1 Ethernet port.


How long is installation/assembly?

1-Person Phone Booth: 1 hour, 2 installers

4-Person Meeting Pod: 2 hours, 3 installers

8-Person Executive Suite: 3 hours, 3 installers


How much clearance room is needed around the pod?

The roof needs 1-2 inches for the exhaust fans to operate properly. Other than that, the pod can be placed right up against the wall, and directly next to another pod.


Can the pods be moved easily?

Yes, the phone booth and meeting pod are easily moved with furniture sliders.


Are the pods easily disassembled?

Our pods are easily assembled and disassembled with a power drill and ladder, but we recommend you let us do any assembly and moving. There are safety issues as the steel wall panels are very heavy. Also, any mishaps, like breaking the glass, could void the 3 year warranty. The pods might be able to be transported as a whole unit as well. Please contact us for more details.


Do you offer any warranties?

Yes, all of our office pods come with a three year warranty.


Can my company sell your office pods as a dealer?

Yes, click here for more information.


Can I sell your office pods as a sales representative?

Yes, click here for more information.