Turnkey delivery & installation

We add quiet spaces to offices with
high quality privacy pods.


Hollywood Pods are self-contained, free-standing phone booths and meeting spaces available to any organization that wants to add privacy to their office. They are a modular quiet spaces to make phone or video calls, host meetings, work alone, or just spend some personal time alone without distraction.

Hollywood Pods can be placed in any interior location: offices, coworking spaces, hotel lobbies, convention centers, airports, cafes and more. These meeting pods – 1 seater/4 seater – are made with the highest quality soundproofing materials: steel, glass, insulation foam and acoustic paneling. At Hollywood Pods, we strive to create privacy in offices with distracting noise, which increases employee productivty and morale.


Anya Patel
Designer, Hollywood Pods

Anya is an Indian native who is carrying Indian design to the international arena. She combines Western trends with an Indian touch to reflect the current state of office design in the US.

Anya has worked on open office design and knows first-hand that the only benefit open offices offer is a smaller price tag. Solving the problems that open offices created is a goal that she's achieving by designing pods that offer employees the privacy and freedom they need to be productive and happy.

Anya's designs are subtle, yet sleek and modern that improve the overall employee experience. Her pods can fit the style of any office while reducing distraction and adding style, culture and morale.