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Office Privacy Pods: Why Employees & Business Owners Love Them

Office Privacy Pods: Why Employees & Business Owners Love Them

Who comes first, customers or employees? Employees! If your employees are unhappy, your customers are too, and your employees won't stick around long enough to care.

The business theory that the 'customer is never wrong' is as outdated as open offices, hot-desking, cubicles and corner offices. Companies are finally starting to realize that employees should be at the core of their corporate strategy, and are creating employee centric workplaces to reflect that strategy.

Your employees are more important than the product or service you provide because your employees are the first people your customers interact with, and they are the ones selling and closing deals. If employees aren't part of a company culture that cares about them, their work or work style, why would they care about helping the company and making the C-Suite richer?

It’s a problem of motivation, all right? Now if I work my ass off and Initech ships a few extra units, I don’t see another dime, so where’s the motivation?”
– Peter Gibbons, Office Space

Investing in an 'employees first' culture is investing in better customer service, higher quality work, stronger culture and morale, and the longevity of your business... Here's how.

Office Pods Increase Privacy, Productivity & Proaction

The main reason why businesses purchase privacy pods is because their office lacks... privacy! In other words, employees lack the ability to escape office noise forcing them to deal with distraction in their own way by using headphones, taking more and longer breaks, taking longer lunches, showing up late and leaving early.

Productivity suffers both individually and collectively. Imagine how much more work would be done and how much better the work would be if your entire workforce wasn't distracted all day. By giving employees the option to work where and how they want in privacy, you give them the power to be proactive and get work done. Without places to focus or collaborate, every employee's true potential is hampered.

Office privacy pods also helps visual distraction. The best way to focus is to be in a place of solitude where you can't hear or see coworkers.

Privacy Pods Retain Top Talent & Strengthen Company Culture

Millennials currently make up over a third of the workforce, and will make up over half of the workforce by 2025. The competition to hire top talent has never been stiffer. Company culture is the foundation of hiring and retaining top talent, and that means creating a workplace that coincides with what millenials want.

Millenials will take a job with a smaller salary at an office they enjoy over a larger salary at an office they dread commuting to every morning. Being loyal to their employer is important to them, and they expect their employers to be loyal in return.

“If employers can match millennials’ hunger for benefits and personal development that align with their values, employers may benefit from millennials’ loyalty,” said Heather Lord, Head of Strategy & Innovation at Capital Group, an investment company.

Phone booths and meeting pods help create an enjoyable workplace, which reinforces loyalty to employees, which helps retain top talent, which strengthens company culture. Adding privacy booths is a cumulative effect and a long term business strategy.

Soundproof Office Pods Are Easier, Cheaper & Modular

Installing a meeting pod only takes a couple hours compared to the construction of a conference room, which would require shutting down part or all of the office, relocation of employees and equipment, and could cause a decrease in performance and sales.

Meeting pods are usually cheaper than fixed construction as well, especially if you wanted to soundproof a permanent conference room, which may not be very effective. Soundproof office pods are tried and true.

Just to sweeten the deal, they also can be moved! Just slide the pod somewhere else during an office redesign, or we can take it apart and deliver it to your new office space.

Privacy Booths Promote Employee Health

Office noise not only affects productivity, but health as well. Studies show that constant noise pollution raises stress levels and can lead to anxiety, high blood pressure, weight gain and even depression.

To make things worse, a lot of workplaces trap their employees at their desk without any options to escape office noise. This leads to increased sick days being used and a higher turnover rate.

Adding privacy pods to your office helps prevent health problems and increases the overall happiness level in the workplace.

Happy Employees, Happy Management

Dealing with an unhappy and angry team is a manager's worst nightmare. How to fix it? Make the employees happy! How do you make employees happy? Give them the freedom and trust to be productive, and let results indicate productivity, not the amount of time spent trapped at their desk.

Add a phone booth and meeting pod to give employees a variety of options to work where and how they want.

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