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Business Benefits of an Office Phone Booth

Business Benefits of an Office Phone Booth

70% of workplaces have an open office plan. 50% of employees in an open office plan have a dissatisfaction with the sound levels.

Office Phone Booths

As an employer, have you thought about giving your employees the space to be more productive? In today's corporate world there is a move away from the traditional open-plan office design.

The office phone booth is growing in popularity as the benefits become more clear. One of them is a happy and productive workforce!

Being your best asset, your employees want more privacy and personal space to work in. The office phone booth creates that personal space, and employees are not only enjoying the benefits of extra privacy, but being more productive as well. An increase in productivity adds to profits.

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What Research Tells Us

Research by the University of Sydney found that 50% of people in open-plan settings have a dissatisfaction with the sound levels at work. 60% in cubicle settings feel the same way. Yet, in private office settings, only 16% expressed dissatisfaction.

A psychological effect while working in an open-office environment is lack of control. It can be stressful making a call when others are listening to your every word. When there is nowhere to find privacy, or a place to escape office noise, a feeling of being trapped creeps in.

The office phone booth reduces distracting sound levels, which improves job performance. It lower stress levels by adding private areas to the office, which creates more of an agile work environment where employees can choose when and where to work.

Soundproof Office Pod Models

1 Person Privacy Pod

4 Person Privacy Pod

8 Person Privacy Pod

Open Office Stress

Stress in the workplace is a real problem and can lead to increased sickness absence. People in open-office environments have 62% more sickness days due to stress.

Introducing office phone booths helps reduce stress, which reduces sick days. Reducing stress levels has also has to improve creativity. It gives that quiet space for your employee to express themselves without interruption.

The Impact Of Office Noise

Office noise is the number one distraction and is difficult to reduce. In the US, 70% of work spaces are open.

One of the key benefits of using an office phone booth is a reduction of noise. The background of noise can be detrimental to job function. Although we don't always notice background noise, it can impinge on our subconscious.

When making a call in an open office background noise creates a bad impression for your business. Adding a phone booth to your office allows distraction free calling, and no interruptions or background noise.

A More Connected Workforce

Where you build a personal space into an office, it can often lead to improved connections. Having a little time away from work colleagues can also improve work relationships because it increases the likelihood of interaction on work-related topics.

Increases collaboration is often given as a major reason for an open office development, but in fact, it's achieved by having personal spaces that employees can utilize like office phone booths and meeting pods.

There is no doubt, as research tells us, having personal space adds value. The benefits of privacy to your business and working environment are now becoming more understood.

The correlation between privacy and choice and a happy and healthy workforce is renowned. Increased productivity and bottom-line impact has been well documented. The addition of office phone booths will help transform your business.

Office noise is the number one distraction in the workplace, and 70% of workplaces don't offer employees a place to escape office noise.

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