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7 Reasons Your Company Needs an Office Meeting Pod Right Now

7 Reasons Your Company Needs an Office Meeting Pod Right Now

The brain is a wonderful organ; it starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office.

- Robert Frost

We are in a new era of office design. Gone are the days of sitting silent in your cubicle being judged solely on the 8 hours you put in. Now are the days of flexibility and agility where productivity and results determine your value regardless of where or how the work is done.

Companies have finally realized that their employees are their most valuable asset, and are designing workplaces that reinforce happiness, health and productivity. People want to work and contribute, and adding office privacy pods to the workplace benefits employees, employers and industries as a whole. Here are five ways how and why your company needs an office meeting pod right now. 

1. Employees can use it alone as a soundproof office space to focus on work.

Cubicles are a thing of the past, and for good reason. An office meeting pod not only fixes all the problems that cubicles created, but they also turn them into benefits. They’re an exponential, long term return on investment that increase sound privacy, decrease office noise, provide options on where and how to work, promote collaboration, improve employee morale, and increase productivity.

2. Employers can use it for confidential interviews, employee evaluations and conference calls.

Every organization requires a certain level of confidentiality, but confidentiality is the most important aspect of a lot of industries including tech companies, law offices, science laboratories, and healthcare/medical centers.

Office pods provide information security and compliance and make clients and partners more comfortable sharing sensitive information. Having a meeting pod in the office builds credibility and shows that your business is taking steps to secure privacy and communication.

3. Teams can use it to meet, brainstorm or collaborate in solitude without distracting the rest of the office.

Not only do teams need a place to focus without distraction, they also need a place where they don’t distract the entire office. Office meeting pods solves both of those problems. Office noise is the leading cause of office distraction, which decreases productivity and morale of everyone affected.

office meeting pod

4. Offices can leave the door open and use the pod as a flexible touchdown space.

Assigned office spaces can go unused for up to half of the workday. Touchdown spaces are usually laptop centric where employees use temporarily to respond to an email, take a call or have a quick meeting.

5. The company avoids expensive, permanent and time-consuming office construction.

Office construction is such a hassle and a risk on so many levels that no one in your company wants to deal with and take responsibility for. It’s also extremely expensive and can affect employee production for days or weeks with construction noise, relocation or if part of the office needs to be shut down.

Avoid all of that mess by investing in a one-time purchase of a modular office meeting pod that doesn’t require design teams, permits, regulations, code, inspection, and all the other headaches that come along with office design and construction.

6. Office meeting pods are modular and go wherever you company goes.

Don’t like the spot you put it? Move it to another spot. Problem Solved. Mistakes with an office meeting pod are virtually non-existent compared to what could happen with permanent office construction.

Instead of a one-time expenditure of permanent walls and fixtures, invest in a modular meeting pod that can be broken down and rebuilt wherever your company goes.

7. Create an agile work environment with office neighborhoods or work zones.

Agile workplaces are the future. They increase collaboration and productivity, are less expensive, utilize more space, evolve with technology, and attract and retain top talent.

Activities based, or agile, workplaces make up over 25% of workplace, and will only rise as millennials take over the business landscape. In order to remain competitive in hiring and retaining top talent, you will have to evolve with what the talent pool wants. If you don’t provide something an applicant wants, they’ll find a company that does. The next wave of professionals value happiness, flexibility and a life/work (not a work/life) balance over a larger paycheck.

Enhance your workplace with an Office Meeting Pod today with Hollywood Pods

The various and sweeping benefits of installing an office meeting pod into your workplace is unrivaled and will be staple in the future of office design. Soon you will see every workplace have several office pods in several areas being used for different reasons.

To find out more about Hollywood Pods, step inside our pods to see the quality of design and construction.

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