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Studies Show Why Companies Need an Agile Office Design

Studies Show Why Companies Need an Agile Office Design

The results are in! Neither open nor closed offices work. Consequently, distraction and agility are at the top of what employees consider when applying to or quitting their job. If you don’t offer employees options to escape distraction and be productive, you won’t hire or retain top talent. Especially in the coming years as millennials take over the workplace.

Office Noise

Office noise is the leading cause of distraction, which also increases stress, decreases productivity, and reduces morale. Applicants will decline job offers if it means they have to work in an open office (or a closed office). They will even take less pay if it means they’ll be happier at work. Millennials value happiness and a life/work balance over grinding 8 hours to make someone else rich, so it’s crucial to design a workplace that meets their needs.

Agile Office Design

Agile workplaces have a variety of workzones that allow employees to work where and how they want depending on their personal preferences and task at hand. Workzones may include office phone booths, meeting pods, individual workstations, collaboration areas, conference rooms, private offices, and socialization/recreation areas. Agile office design is the future of the workplace because it puts employees first.

Below are compelling statistics on office distraction and agile workplaces that show businesses will need to evolve with the times in order to compete for top talent.

agile office design

Office Distraction Studies

• Distraction at work is a problem for 69% of full-time employees (Udemy)

• 60% of employees said that meetings are a source of distraction (Udemy)

• 54% of high performing employees say their workspaces are too distracting (Hacker Noon)

• Employees aren’t thrilled with the open office design, with 52% saying there are distractions created by an open office layout and 40% say their office space is too open (Staples)

• 51% of employees say the open-office mode has not brought significant improvement in the quality of their work (Teem)

Agile Office Design Studies

• 41% of employees said they would only work for an employer offering agile office design (Spherion)

• 39% of employees say they’ll likely consider making the shift to agile employment in the next two to three years (Randstad)

• 80% of workers say they like agile offices because it increases their productivity, creativity and job satisfaction (Randstad)

• 61% of workers don’t believe agile work interferes with their personal lives, or their ability to disconnect from work (Randstad)

• 75% of U.S. millennial workers said the work environment should be agile and fluid (American Express)

The Solution: Office Pods

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