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4 Office Problems Solved by Soundproof Privacy Pods

4 Office Problems Solved by Soundproof Privacy Pods

The era of open office design is over. Too long has noise been an afterthought in office construction. It's time for the next generation office where the employee is at the center of design.

The open office plan was pitched as the end-all design solution: it fosters collaboration, promotes a team mentality, and improves employee morale WHILE saving money by avoiding permanent construction. Of course companies bought into this idea because it saved money, but the "benefits" came with side effects. Studies show that that noise is the main annoyance in open offices.

Privacy pods by Hollywood Pods offer a fast and cost effective solution to the noise problems caused by open office plans. Here are 5 ways how.

1. Privacy pods give employees a location to escape office noise.

Employees need to concentrate to be productive. Studies show that pop-up conversations and speech from coworkers is the most disruptive sound, which is what every open office has plenty of.

Office noise increases a variety of stress factors that effect an employee's ability to be productive and happy. Stress factors like lack of concentration, unsatisfactory or late work, and general workplace annoyance are among the top problems that Hollywood Pods aims to solve. Soundproof pods help create a healthier work environment, improve employee morale, increase productivity and grows the overall company culture.

2. Office phone booths and meeting pods offer a place for confidentiality.

Hollywood Pods helps establish a framework for the protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and private information by providing soundproof pods. Office phone booths and meeting pods protect the disclosure and sharing of your verbal communication (meetings, phone and video calls, conversations, etc.) and provides a solution to the lack of information security and confidentiality.

Office pods increase the sensitivity level of the information a company handles and make clients and partners more comfortable sharing confidential information. In addition, having a privacy pod in the office builds credibility and shows that your business is taking steps to secure privacy and communication.

3. Modular privacy pods increase an office's flexibility and agility.

Part of an employee centric workplace is giving employees the freedom to choose when and where to work within the office. A flexible and agile workplace increases productivity and morale, and decreaeses turnover/retains top talent.

Personal workspaces are a perfect way to escape office noise and get work done at a moment's notice. Employees appreciate that option compared to being locked down in an assigned seat all day trying different methods to block distraction. Dealing with noise and distraction at work has led to reimagining the future of the workplace.

Hollywood Pods phone booths and meeting pods are modular, meaning they are easier and usually cheaper to install compared to the fixed construction of an office or conference room that requires designing, permits and approval. With Hollywood Pods, you set it and forget it, and simply move it to another location if necessary.

4. Our office pods support diverse employee work styles.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all workplace. Hollywood Pods cater to a diverse workplace with a variety of employee personalities and work preferences.

Installing a phone booth or meeting pod creates quiet areas that can bee used however employees want: personal or professional phone calls, impromptu meetings, solo work, video conferences, or to just get away for a few minutes on break.

Transform your workplace. Add an office phone booth and office meeting pod to your open office today, and revolutionize the way you do business.

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